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ON-0025 Victory Wreath (150mm x 140mm) ©

ON-0025 Victory Wreath (150mm x 140mm) ©

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Along with the white dove, an olive branch is one of our most enduring symbols for peace.

Winners at the Ancient Greek Olympic games were crowned with olive wreaths, and olive trees featured in several Greek myths. In one, the goddess Athena became the patron of the region of Attica after planting an olive tree there as a symbol of peace and prosperity.

Most notably in the tale of Noah, when a dove bearing a twig from an olive tree signals the end of the 40-day flood. 

In Christian theology, the flood and the olive branch respectively represent the judgement that must befall all rebels while also representing the salvation that can be theirs.

Decorative handmade quality resin-based decor elements. Beautifully detailed, paintable and heat bendable to add that extra dimension to your project.

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